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Welcome to Cabiokid! (Ka-bee-o-kid) foundation

Cabiokid is a permaculture development site located on a 5,5 ha property in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija on the island of Luzon, Philippines. Its name is a contraction between Cabiao, bio and bukid, which means field in filipino. The development site is located about 90 km north of Manila and serves as an integrated farm designed and managed in accordance with permaculture ethics and principles. Cabiokid is also an experimental site for applied permaculture in the fields of education, technology, engineering and local economics.

Central Luzon

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The land used to be solely devoted to rice farming, which was grown using lots of chemicals and other non-sustainable inputs.

In May 2001 however, work was done to re-design and re-orient the use of the land by restoring the soil to its original wealth. Many local crops and plants have been introduced over the past years making the farm a wealth of species. Its grounds host more than 1000 plant species, almost all endemic flora and many of them rare or endangered species.

The cabiokid lagoon
Co-existence w/ nature

Currently the land is being farmed according to the principles of nature. The surroundings have been designed based on permaculture methods. The farm provides space for animals and humans alike in an harmonious bond where waterways and ponds dot the landscape.

Trees and tree based farming techniques were introduced to radically change the way farmers and most of us look at farming or development. Only organic farming methods are being applied in the area.

Bamboo House

Bamboo House

The farm also introduces other livelihood opportunities related to nature based technologies. Through these technologies, farmers will appreciate the endless possibilities which are readily provided by nature. Since the farm is part of the vast expanse of the central Luzon plains, rice still remains a major crop on the farm.

Our PRODUCTS are locally made, on site and through our partners in sustainable development. They are produced organically in Cabiokid. We also support other NGOs by helping them sell their products such as wines, jams, and jellies. CABIOKID makes it sure that the use of local and organic products are practiced.