Cabiokid Features:

Cabiokid wants to share its expertise among communities and interested parties. Working together with people in upgrading skills and finding new applications for age-old resources is a commitment that we take on.

We invite interested persons to Cabiokid to see our daring constructions, facilities made of bamboo, compost toilets and local water treatment facilities. Cabiokid designs with nature and focuses on people as the eventual stewards of these projects.

Engineering with Bamboo
Harvesting Natural Energies

For further inquiries, tours or reservations at Cabiokid, you can contact us

Guapito st., Brgy Sta. Rita, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
farm based: 0928 551 3935
other: 0920 9114290
Landline: (044) 940 3481

Cabiokid is committed to its people

Cabiokid is committed to its people. They are an integral part of the on-site resources on. As a team, we’ve set out on a learning adventure that will offer both personal growth and community dynamcis. For those of you who are interested to join our team, we are looking for interested volunteers, working students and permanent staff.

What we expect
  • an interest to learn in general
  • an interest to comprehend permaculture and its applications on-site.
  • to abide by the rules and regulations on-site
  • to be eager applying permaculture in other areas
What we offer
  • Inputs and hands-on trainings
  • educational support at formal and non-formal level
  • a great environment for learning and acquiring knowledge
  • sustainable solutions for human needs

Please let us know if you want to become a Cabiokid volunteer or working student by putting your interest in writing.

If you would like to apply for work with us you will have to send us your CV and application letter.

All communications to be addressed to:

Angelito Agustin
Area manager


Meet some key people behind CABIOKID:

Angelito “Tholits” Agustin – Area Manager and bamboo master
Tholits is the silent motor and inspirational drive behind the experimental permaculture site. Things are up and running with him all the time. Listen carefully and bamboo will whisper you all the answers needed.

Luzviminda “Luz” Lopez – Agricultural Trainor and Technician
Luz is the star of wild fruits, silent herbs and waving grains. She never fails to cook up something and always carry the smile and firmness of a mother

Narciso “Nars” Gumangan – Permaculture Trainor and Technician
Nars is a permaculture guru in the making. Meditation deep and wide, he is spitting out materials to shed more light on our unsustainable middle ages and to increase the dawn of a new permaculture era

Bert Peeters – Permaculture Designer
Bert is the voice of permaculture in the wild. Never heard of but often thought off; always ready to take time out for some deepening on a never boring topic.

Maricar "Tess" Reverente – Financial Consultant in "meet some key people behind Cabiokid"
Tess is our financial expert who gives financial value to the cabiokid activities. Her financial expertise helps to systematize Cabiokid financial systems and strength towards Cabiokid's financial sustainability.