Cabiokid Features:

For further inquiries, tours or reservations at Cabiokid, you can contact us

Guapito st., Brgy Sta. Rita, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
farm based: 0928 551 3935
other: 0920 9114290
Landline: (044) 940 3481

Permaculture as the guiding framework

Cabiokid's mission is to provide ideas, promote do-able actions and induce creative solutions towards sustainable development. To achieve this, the site uses permaculture as the guiding framework, and prioritizes the youth and marginal sectors of the society as its target beneficiaries.


Cabiokid offers regular trainings on permaculture. These are two 3-7 day courses. Our permaculture courses are broken up into two parts.
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EKOLARO is a program proposed to children of the community ranging from age 7 to 12. Interactive activities are developed to show the importance of nature to the kids and involve them in ecological activities in them community.
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Green School

Cabiokid taps the nearby schools of Cabiao such as Sta Rita and Palasinan as a form of reaching out to the community and inflicting in their minds, the essence and importance of the environment.
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EKO-DEE stands for eco and idea. The name hints to the prickling of our senses due to nature's unique way of responding to all living beings. The ultimate goal of this project would be to build a broader knowledge base among residents and citizens in order to cope better with resources given to us.
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WEAGG stand for Women Environmental Action Group of Guapito. Created in May 2010, it has for goal to build a community plan for the community and improve the quality of live by developing a livelihood and take care of the environment.
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TUMANA stands for Tiwi Upland Management of Areas and Nature-based Agriculture. It is located near Tiwi Agro-Industrial School in Tiwi, Albay. It aims to explore and tap into the capacities of the school and the community in creating a permaculture landscape.
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Cabiokid is a Wildlife Rescue Center for different animals caught or donated within the locality of Nueva Ecija. We take care of animals which were given to us to improve the way they live and the ecosystem that they are into.
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In Cabiokid, people build with nature's materials and mixing it carefully with modern materials to create functional and beautiful buildings appropriate for a tropical climate.
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Since 2007, Cabiokid is catering to youth volunteers coming from Bouworde. They help build ecological structures in the Philippines, especially in the projects powered by Cabiokid. Before building, they are introduced to permaculture ethics and principles and are toured within the Cabiokid vicinity to give them some idea of how permaculture works inside it.
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STEP stands for Sustainable Technologies and Entrepreneurial Permaculture Program. It will use permaculture to address the problems of poverty and environmental degradation in Isabela.
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Cabiokid accepts working students and volunteers in its farm. We try to introduce to them permaculture and show it to them by participating in building different activities inside our permaculture site.
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