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Guapito st., Brgy Sta. Rita, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
farm based: 0928 551 3935
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Landline: (044) 940 3481

Short History

Cabiokid is a 'kid', 5.5 hectare in size which was brought about by the quest for putting a meaningful system in development works done here in the Philippines during the past 20 years of its proponents. It is a living museum of different technologies which were harmoniously connected to each other so that the excess of one component can be used by the others surrounding it. Connections and relationships between them make the system stable and productive while not setting aside efficient energy use. Its development started in 2001.

The land was used to be applied with different pesticides and other chemical implements to improve the yield of the rice being planted here. Initially, soil building activities were done such as planting nurse trees and native trees to hydrating the landscape by means of building natural ponds. A solely dedicated area for forest and water to provide biomass and necessary nutrients were the first and the most important undertaking done as they will provide an ample source of biomass for a long time.

Limiting inputs sourced from the outside were practiced throughout the succeeding years to prove that most of the implements needed in a permaculture system will come inside it and turned into cycles to save on energy exerted. Only in 2008 that Cabiokid felt confident about sharing what has been done since 2001 by means of conducting Permaculture Design Certificate Courses. The time is enough to say that most of the components established are working harmoniously. Cabiokid is still developing, and like a 'kid' it continuously grows to provide stability, yield, diversity, energy efficiency, and complexity.

Cabiokid, Permaculture, and Climate Change

Permaculture as embraced by Cabiokid believes that it is a probable solution to alleviate the problems we have with climate change. Cabiokid is a permaculture system in a tropical setup with rich and diverse surroundings which it simply and sustainably tap to fuel its system. Embracing important permaculture elements such as energy and patterns derived from nature, Cabiokid tries to improve on the current, existing, and passive forms of energy and mimics how nature operates on it to reduce the negative impact on our planet. Cabiokid believes that putting a system in all the things we do while embracing energy and patterns embodied in ecologically sound technologies and lifestyle can help alleviate the problems of climate change.




Ours is a world of small, self-sustaining, adaptive, inter-connected communities that respect, learn from, and live in harmony with the natural environment.


Ours is the model permaculture development site and the leading community-enabling permaculture organization in Southeast Asia.


Our organization and the communities we connect to--

  • promote gaining knowledge from the natural system and using sustainable technologies;
  • protect nature by using regenerative resources and prioritizing endemic flora and fauna;
  • produce varied products all year round to meet local needs; and,
  • process products at the local level using natural materials with simple, feasible technologies that are not harmful to the environment.


  • Care of the earth
  • Care of people
  • Setting limits to population and consumption